Totally Flawless Terra Cotta Tile Backsplash

July 24, 2014 | Written by Josh Robinson | Posted in

Kitchen backsplash installed by JR Carpentry & Tile.Sometimes it only takes small changes to improve a room in your home. Updating one piece can enhance the entire look.

For this kitchen in Oreland, PA, a brand new terra cotta tile backsplash was the next step to a perfect space.

These homeowners got a new granite counter top and wanted to complement the look of the kitchen.

When choosing backsplash tiles, look for a color that is similar to the natural shading of the granite. Straying too far from the color palette in place could lead to clashing.

JR Carpentry & Tile selected a 3×6 terra cotta tile with a white crackled glaze coloring. The 1/4″ grout joints with a pearl colored power grout, made by Tec, is meant to last for many years into the future.  The ColorFast grout is self-sealing and never has to be resealed – it’s also antimicrobial. When used with a ceramic or porcelain tile, it never requires maintenance.

Every kitchen comes together in pieces, and whether you start the puzzle with a granite countertop or a terra cotta tile backsplash, JR Carpentry & Tile can help you every step of the way. Get a free project quote today!

Kitchen Backsplash Photos