Bathroom Remodeling

Looking to update your bathroom and finally create the space of your dreams?

JR Carpentry & Tile have completed bathroom remodeling projects for a variety of client budgets, tastes, and visions.

Putting Together the Puzzle

We work with our clients through the three major steps of every project: design | select | install.

Whether you have one or two suggestions for your space, or you have a clear-cut vision, we’re happy to design something that suits your preferences.

Do you imagine a modern bathroom with clean lines and a rainfall shower, or a more laid-back feel with warm colors and traditional finishings?

Your bathroom can be anything you want, and JR Carpentry & Tile will select the ideal pieces for your bathroom remodeling – then we professionally install every piece for the big reveal.


What’s Included

professional, accurate, and prompt quote from our bathroom experts following an in-home review of your project.

All materials and labor. Projects by JR Carpentry & Tile are all-inclusive – we’ll take care of every detail!

A final result that’s on time, on budget, and long-lasting.


Ready To Get Started?

Let JR Carpentry & Tile transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis!