Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets are the icing on the cake that is your dream kitchen. Providing storage and a continuation of your design, JR Carpentry & Tile can help you choose the right cabinets.

The Finishing Touch

In most kitchens, cabinets surround the design as a border. You can choose custom cabinets that blend in with your color scheme or those that pop with something special. Handles, hinges, finishes, colors, modern or antique - the choices are endless!

What’s Included

professional, accurate, and prompt quote from our cabinet experts following an in-home review of your project.

All materials and labor. Projects by JR Carpentry & Tile are all-inclusive - we'll take care of every detail!

A final result that's on time, on budget, and long-lasting.

Custom Cabinets from JR Carpentry & Tile

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