Niche tile installation by JR Carpentry & Tile.Renovating comes with certain challenges. Budget, time crunches, even weather can throw a project off course.

There are certain obstacles that are unique to every project, usually involving the room’s layout. A reoccurring one is installing bathroom niche (recessed) tiles. The design varies with every house, requiring a unique solution each time.

A lot of bathrooms renovated by JR Carpentry & Tile have some sort of niche incorporated in the design.

This form of built-in storage gives homeowners a neat place to keep shampoo, soap, or towels. The newest challenge we have is laying out wall tile within these spaces. The tiles must align perfectly in the niche or the entire design is affected.

Niche Tile Installation Tips

Installing bathroom niche tiles is easier by following some best practices. Part of the process is making sure that the floor and ceiling tiles are not too small. Also, check that the tiles bordering the niche are a substantial width and not merely a small sliver.

In addition to niche challenges, this current project involves a chair rail. It will be incorporated into the tile and solid marble sills to border the entire shower stall. Ensuring that the niche tile placement is perfect will help with a flawless chair rail installation.

Every bathroom, kitchen, and home is different. JR Carpentry & Tile treats every project with care and a professional attitude.

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