Selbyville Complete Bathroom Remodel

This bathroom got a well deserved facelift. We installed a new tiled shower stall in place of the old fiberglass ...
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shower stall installation

A Shower Stall Installation Increases The Market Value Of Your Home

A beautiful bathroom is every homeowner's dream and makes your house more desirable on the market. While some people opt for ...
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Bathroom Remodeling in King of Prussia

A Bathroom Project Inspired By Nature

Remember when JR Carpentry & Tile completed a bathroom remodeling in King of Prussia that reflected the homeowner's love of the ...
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King Of Prussia Bathroom Remodel

King Of Prussia Bathroom Enters New Era

Hello 2017! JR Carpentry & Tile was excited to get this bathroom remodel underway, and it wasn't hard to see why. The ...
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Radiant Floor Heating

Why You Need Radiant Floor Heating In Your Home

Very few of us enjoy waking up early in the morning. Why make the process even less enjoyable by having ...
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Mount Airy Bathroom Remodel

Adding Space And Style To A Mount Airy Bathroom

The bathroom of your dreams is within reach - even in older houses! JR Carpentry & Tile was recently called ...
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Manayunk Tile Installation

Re-Finishing A Manayunk Fixer Upper

Everyone loves a good fixer-upper - but what happens when you purchase a flipped home and the contractors cut some ...
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Linear Shower Drain

Linear Shower Drain Creates The Perfect Solution For Unique Shower Designs

By now, you're so accustomed to it that you don't even notice it. When you step into a shower, you assume ...
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Roxborough Bathroom Remodeling

Creating A ‘Wow’ Bathroom In Roxborough

The last thing you want people to think when they set foot in your bathroom is, "Yikes!" Unfortunately, that's exactly ...
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King of Prussia Bathroom Remodeling

Bringing The Great Outdoors Inside A King Of Prussia Bathroom

If you're a fan of the great outdoors, you're going to love this King of Prussia bathroom remodeling project we ...
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