Fixing Up a Pent Roof in Philadelphia

July 8, 2014 | Written by Josh Robinson | Posted in

Pent Roof - BeforeEver wonder what a professional home improvement specialist’s own house looks like?  I recently redid my Philadelphia home’s pent roof.

Nature has been good to my roof so it’s in good shape. This was strictly a cosmetic fix to address the look of the front of the house – the white expanse of the roof over the front door simply needed something else.

I decided to start from scratch by removing layers of materials. The aluminum siding and the layer of shingles underneath the siding were removed. Doing so revealed the rough framing that would serve as my foundation.

In progress!

In progress!

The roof was then covered with 30 pound felt paper and charcoal colored architectural shingles capped with aluminum capping. I added a white gutter to stop the dripping on the driveway below.

I take care in every project and am proud to reveal the final product to homeowners. This time it was my own home, and I can say I spend just as much effort improving other peoples’ homes as I do my own.

Is there an area of your house that needs some TLC?  I’d be happy to give you a free quote! 

JR Carpentry & Tile installed this pent roof in Philadelphia.

The new pent roof!