Creating The Perfect Collegeville Bathroom With Only Select Demolition!

August 13, 2014 | Written by Josh Robinson | Posted in

JR Carpentry & Tile renovated this Collegeville bathroom.Not all bathroom remodeling projects are the same. Some homeowners opt for a select demolition remodel, which means the entire area is not gutted.

This project in Collegeville is a perfect example of the fact that complete demolition isn’t always required to get a perfect result!

The master bathroom of this Collegeville home needed a few fixes – not a total overhaul. The linen closet was moved back to be even with the face of the new drop in tub. The tub was trimmed with marble tile for a backsplash and a marble sill across the front with deck mounted controls was installed.

Collegeville Bathroom Remodeling

The existing fiberglass shower stall was removed and enlarged. It now measures 48″ x 48″ with half walls to allow for more light. JR Carpentry & Tile also installed a new vanity, toilet, and hardware to update the look of the bath and complete this retreat.

This job was sold by our friends at Carosella Design Build and JR Carpentry & Tile was happy to do the installation!

Think you can achieve your dream look with a select demolition project like this one? JR Carpentry & Tile can help! Get a quote today!

Collegeville Bathroom Redesign