Tackling The Challenges Of Large Format Tile

August 28, 2014 | Written by Josh Robinson | Posted in

JR Carpentry & Tile has experience installing large format tile.

When it comes to convenience when laying a tile floor, bigger is not always better.

Laying large format tile can present unforeseen challenges, and JR Carpentry & Tile utilizes best practices to make sure tiles of all shapes and sizes are installed flawlessly.

This particular project required the use of 18” square porcelain tiles. Some might think that using such large tiles would lower the cost of the floor installation since the fewer tiles are required compared to an installation with smaller tile.

However, while larger tiles do cover more area, they are also more prone to lip or protrude due to uneven floors. The added work to bring the surface of the floors to a uniform level can increase the required labor, and therefore the cost, of your project.

When installing large format tile, the floor cannot have more than 1/8″ of variation. To make the floor “true” (as flat as a piece of glass), the floor must be skimmed out with thin set using a self-leveling floor compound.

The leveling compound is mixed to a soupy consistency and poured onto the floor. Because of its fluidity, it can fill in the low points, bringing them level with the high points of the floor where needed.

Once the floor inconsistencies are corrected and the compound is dry, the large format tile can then be adhered to the new, level surface.

When planning your next flooring project, keep in mind the unexpected challenges which may increase the final cost.

JR Carpentry & Tile can assist with project planning and installation to provide a gorgeous update to your home that stays within your budget!

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