Quick & Creative Method For Laying The Perfect Diagonal Tile Floor

August 7, 2014 | Written by Josh Robinson | Posted in

Tile help from JR Carpentry & Tile.Creating original ways to tile compact spaces can be challenging – especially with a powder room like we recently encountered.

The tile flooring had to be installed diagonally, requiring a new approach to an otherwise quick tile project.

Fortunately, JR Carpentry & Tile implemented a simple and creative method to lay the perfect diagonal tile floor.

Laying Diagonal Tile Flooring

When working on a diagonal, find a good starting point for your first tile. Run a straight edge from one corner of the tile to the next, and extend it out to ensure that your starting row will be perfectly aligned.

In this instance, we used a laser which was lined up from the corner of the start tile to the opposite wall to create a perfect reference line for our first row.

Using the straight edge or laser line as a guide, lay your first row of tile to the opposite wall. From there, just fill in the rest of the floor space and voila – the perfectly-laid diagonal tile flooring!

Remember that updating a room in your home does not have to be limited by the size or shape of the space. JR Carpentry & Tile provides professional solutions to bring your outside-the-box ideas to life!

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