3 Kitchen Renovation Tips You Can’t Live Without!

March 17, 2015 | Written by Josh Robinson | Posted in ,

In the age of Do It Yourself (“DIY”), everyone loves learning simple tricks to complete otherwise complicated tasks.

Our team at JR Carpentry & Tile has several years of experience in home renovations, and has come up with a few fancy tricks of our own based on a recent project in New Jersey.

Here are three basic kitchen renovation tips to keep in mind as you tackle your first major DIY home remodeling project:

No More Studs

Kitchen Renovation Tips - CabinetsTired of scanning every last inch of your wall in search of studs to mount cabinets? So are we!

You can skip this step! Simply cut the wall within the outline of where the cabinets will be hung, and mount 1/2″ of plywood in its place!

By following this method, you have an entire plank of wood to mount your cabinets to, and don’t have to worry about aligning mounts and screws perfectly with hidden, narrow studs!

Just be sure to cut the wall within the size of the cabinets so that you don’t have to worry about any wall repairs once the cabinets are installed.

On one wall of this project, we are installing a full wall of cabinets and the parts of the wall that are not covered in cabinetry will be receiving tile, so there is no need to worry about exposed wall.

When Laying Tile, It’s All About The Base

One of the biggest struggles DIYers face when laying tile in their kitchens is lippage, otherwise known as “toe stubbers”.

Tile that isn’t properly spaced can loosen and pop over time, causing uneven surfaces on your floor.

To avoid this headache, you must first ensure that there is a good mortar base under the tile. As you’re laying tile, you oftentimes have to adjust or even slightly lift squares when aligning them.

Having a poorly-laid mortar bed could cause voids underneath shifted tiles, which will cause toe stubbers.

Starting out with a smooth, even base will save you the hassle of having to reset shifting tiles in the future!

Floors That Fit To A “T”

Kitchen Renovation Tips - TileOnce you have a nice mortar bed as a base, it’s time to lay the tile!

We always use tile spacers, also known as “T-spacers”, with a wedge, which allows for easy install.

Lay each tile as you move from one square to the next. As you set the next tile in line, simply slide in the wedge as far as possible to ensure a tight, flush application.

This will also help prevent popping, as tiles laid too close together might press up against each other under pressure and push each other up.

Need more help with your kitchen remodeling project? Not a problem! Contact JR Carpentry & Tile for a free quote on your home renovation project today!

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