Boyertown Bathroom MakeoverFrom basic to beautiful in just a few days – this Boyertown bathroom makeover completely blew us away!

After the initial visit, JR Carpentry & Tile decided that the best way to give the bathroom a fresh look and optimize space was to completely demo the existing fiberglass shower stall and soaking tub.

The Design

Our first step was to plan how we wanted to execute the renovations. Upon speaking with our client, it was decided that the homeowners wanted to scrap the idea of having a bath tub and create a larger shower with an open design.

We also changed the orientation of the shower so that the showers entrance would be facing where the old bath tub was once located. This feature really opens up the floor space in the bathroom.

Planning The Shower

To accent the shower and avoid doing a custom glass surrounding, the homeowner decided to have a five foot dividing wall installed that allowed for a two foot opening. The bright white of the wall creates great contrast against the darker colored floor and tile.

In order to ensure a wholesome look for the shower, we added a 3×6 wall tile made of of white carrera marble. We completed the installation by laying down white carrera tumbled stone tile for the floor and back of the niche.

Completing The Look

Once the shower was completed, we spiced up the remaining elements of the bathroom. Our team installed a faux wood porcelain tile in a random pattern for the floor. The beautiful color and unique design of the floor makes the whole room pop and gives it the bathroom the edge it needed.

Above the shower walls, we added a header detail above the shower walls and a 2 inch crown molding around the main part of the bathroom. The final touch of the crown molding really makes the bathroom look elegant and welcoming!

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Boyertown Bathroom Photos