Philadelphia Tile InstallationWhen it comes to tile, you have so many wonderful options to choose from – and each option can be utilized to create a beautiful result.

The owner of this Philadelphia home had a specific vision in mind when it came to her bathroom and kitchen. She knew that she wanted tile in both rooms, but she also wanted the work to look original, professional, and natural at the same time.

After speaking with JR Carpentry & Tile, we agreed upon a design and the materials to be used in each room. With our blueprint in hand, it was time to get to work!

The bathroom floor was tiled in a herringbone pattern, using 1″ x 3″ marble tile. The varying shades of gray create a stunning visual as you enter the bathroom.

The walls were lined with hand-cut and dried tile, which gave it an uneven, natural look. We continued the tile walls around the entire bathroom, creating a classic, wainscot effect.

While tiling the shower surround, we built in two niches in the rear and side walls for extra storage of soaps and shower gels. Each niche was lined with hand-cut tile to complete the look of the bathroom.

Once the bathroom was finished, we moved on to the kitchen. The homeowner wanted the same hand-cut tile that was used in the bathroom to be used on the backsplash. This tile worked perfectly to soften the rigid lines of the cabinetry and countertop.

As the tile was laid in both rooms, we sealed it with TEC’s Power Grout, which is fast-drying and lasts forever. The color is fade-resistant, and you don’t have to worry about sealing.

At the end of the day, we had two newly-tiled rooms, finished with practically the same materials, but each with very different end results that perfectly complement each room. We’re pleased with the end result, and we know that the homeowner is, too!

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Philadelphia Tile Installation Photos