The Hidden Costs Of Remodeling: Electrical Panel Replacement

September 10, 2015 | Written by Josh Robinson | Posted in ,

Electrical Panel ReplacementIn our latest post, we discussed one of the most common hidden costs of remodeling that homeowners face: having to repair damages caused by previous renovation projects.

These issues can be avoided by heavily researching all contractors before employing them to work on your home.

But there is one key component of your home which was likely installed the day it was built, and which can ultimately become a costly hindrance in any large-scale remodeling projects.

I’m talking about your electrical panel.

JR Carpentry & Tile has been hired for several large-scale remodeling jobs and brought in to inspect the home, only to find that the electrical panel is completely occupied by existing wires or too old to sustain any additional wiring.

The result can be a huge blow to your budget; oftentimes it requires adding an entirely new service panel along with a new service wire directly from the power lines outside.

In the above image, a brand new panel installed by the JR C&T team depicts the complexity of this component. While this finished product might look neat and organized, it certainly did not start out that way.

Most of the costs associated with electrical panel replacement are due to the labor-intensive nature of this task. Old and unorganized circuit panels must be completely reorganized, and our team has to decipher where each wire leads and where they must be connected in the new panel.

When preparing to start a large-scale remodeling project (particularly of a kitchen or bathroom), my advice is to first bring up your electrical panel into the space that is available inside to add new and up-to-code circuit breakers. This step will prevent delays in the renovation project and will help you avoid unexpected additional costs that must be taken from your budget.

If you have any more questions regarding electrical panel replacement, or are facing other issues with your home remodeling project, we’re here to help!

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