Lafayette Hill Entertainment Center

Expanding A Lafayette Hill Entertainment Center

Back in the days of thick, heavy TVs, installing a built-in entertainment center might have sounded like a perfect solution ...
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Manayunk Tile Installation

Re-Finishing A Manayunk Fixer Upper

Everyone loves a good fixer-upper - but what happens when you purchase a flipped home and the contractors cut some ...
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Bryn Mawr Fireplace & Barn Door Installation

Custom Fireplace & Barn Door In Bryn Mawr

To create the look you want, sometimes you have to use 100% custom materials. That's what a Bryn Mawr homeowner ...
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Southampton Ledger Stone Fireplace

Setting The Stage For Entertaining With A Ledger Stone Fireplace

The fireplace is seen as the focal point of your living room. That means that it should be the most attractive fixture ...
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Bathroom Remodel In Bryn Mawr

A Full Bathroom Remodel Creates A European Chic Look In Bryn Mawr

It's rare that we come across a project where a space is beyond help and in dire need of a ...
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Lafayette Hill Basement Remodeling

Transforming A Lafayette Hill Basement With Demolition & Quality Craftsmanship

If you have a basement, chances are you've dreamed of all of the ways you can transform it into an ...
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Electrical Panel Replacement

The Hidden Costs Of Remodeling: Electrical Panel Replacement

In our latest post, we discussed one of the most common hidden costs of remodeling that homeowners face: having to ...
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Home Remodeling Cost - Sistering Joists

The Hidden Costs Of Remodeling: Damage From Previous Projects

Before starting any remodeling project, there's one thing you have to do: create a budget. Your budget dictates the work you ...
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Bathroom Remodeling in Berlin

This Berlin Bathroom Upgrade Was Long Overdue!

Some projects seem like a blast from the past. It's almost like we've stepped out a time machine and it's ...
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Boyertown Bathroom Makeover

From Basic to Beautiful: A Boyertown Bathroom Makeover

From basic to beautiful in just a few days - this Boyertown bathroom makeover completely blew us away! After the ...
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